Saturday 15 February 2014

Animal Illnesses and Diseases

Animal sickness or illnesses

  Today I will be talking about animal sickness or illnesses (in your pet/animal).
  if you don't know what I am talking about, than I am talking about strategies,
  or things that you can or need to do when you pet is sick or has an illness or a
  disease. here is how you can tell if you pet has an illness, a disease, or is sick :
  • your pet is not eating or drinking at all.
  • your pet is hiding in the corner of their cage
  • if you pet is really energetic than, it's really shy and slow.
  • it's Sneezing a lot.
  • it has diarrhea a lot.
  • if it has discharge in their eyes
  • if they have got dull eyes
  • if it's constipated(has trouble going pooping)
  • or, if it has a bloated, abdomen.
remember, that if you think your pet might have any of these symptoms than don't even risk their life. call your pet veterinarian, or a veterinarian right away! don't look it up online just call your vet right away! or even better bring it right to the vet right away! don't ever risk your animals life! or leave it alone to suffer. don't wait a few days either. just call your vet right away! and even if your an animal expert you need to still check with your veterinarian.

THANK YOU so much for listening to me! (if you made it this far).

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