Tuesday 11 February 2014

Guinea pig caring

hello, today I will be telling your a bit about guinea pigs! as you can see I have made different sections to show how to properly take care of your guinea pig :

Food : did you know ? Timothy hay is actually 99% of their diet. also, (you don't need to give your guinea pig this).but if you want to it is called Pellets they don't actually need it to be apart of their diet but if you wish to then you can! (just to let you know it can not be a substitute for hay).
they also need veggies and fruits (here is a chart to show you what veggies and fruit they absolutely need! Veggies and fruits

Water : now, one thing they will need is water. they will not live without water so it is very important that it always has access to water! now, if your guinea pig is like mine and it does not usually like to drink water then this is what you can do :
  • you could try put some water on your finger and get it to drink off your finger
  • you could cover their veggies in water so that might motivate them to drink
  • or you could get one of their favourite foods and cover that in water.
  now, if none of those work than just keep their water bottle full at all times
  and let it drink when ever it wants to. now you don't need to get worried because
  they will eventually drink water! maybe when you're not looking? or during the day?
  (if you're not home). now! one thing that you shall never ever even think about doing
  is taking the ability of them being able to drink water away! in fact that is one of the most
  mean cruel things you could ever do to your guinea pig! so never, ever do that.

  Chew toys : one thing that is really important is giving them chew toys!
  in fact if you don't give them chew toys than their tiny teeth can grow too
  big and than, they won't be able to eat or chew or drink anything properly
  because their teeth will be too big. and you never want that to happen!
  you could easily make or find some wood for them to chew on : here
  you could also but some chew toys! you can browse here : safe Chew toys

  bedding : now, you may be wondering what can I use for bedding?
  well, you could use carefresh witch is just some litter litter made of
  100% paper! or you could also use Fleece to cover the main bottom
  part of their cage! ; instead of bedding.

ok! by now I think you should have learned a lot about guinea pigs!
if you would still like to learn some more about them than, click HERE!
now there are a few things in here that are wrong but other than that these
are all great tips for how to care for your cute piggy's!

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