Hamsters, Gerbils and degus!

here is a degu food guide! (it shows how much food is too little, and how much food is too much and then how much food you should be feeding it! ok now just a little advice: when you're feeding your degus pellets just so you know it's not actually apart of their diet but it's ok for them to eat but the only problem that lot's of people don't realize is that you're only supposed to fill up their dish of pellets half way high so in other words only need 1/3 of a cup of pellets. now some people just go crazy and think oh!?! I'll just overflow their dish of pellets and I don't care!?!?!
well, you should care about how much food you give them!  oh! and one more quick tip is that:
when you're feeding your degus hay you cannot over feed them! in other words you can give them as much hay as you/they want! you can only overfeed them with pellets and/or veggies, and other foods! (but not water!)

Thank you for listening!

(food guide):

Vegetables that need to be fed in moderation due to avoid bloating
Vegetables that are higher in natural sugars and should only be given once per month (note that diabetic degus should not be given these at all)
Other vegetables that may be given weekly to degus
Cabbage (all types, including savoy, red, summer, white, etc.)
Green beans
Fresh grass
Dandelion leaves
Carrot tops
Cauliflower (leaves and stalk)
Brussels sprouts
Sweet Corn/maize/corn on the cob/individual small
pieces of corn, etc…)
Marigold flowers
Dried herbs (oregano; mint; parsley; basil; chives; comfrey; lemon balm; coriander) (but no dried fruit)
Red pepper, green pepper
Dried rose petals

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