Tuesday 18 February 2014

fleece VS bedding

Fleece vs bedding

OK now some of you may be wondering witch is better?
Fleece vs Bedding if you don't know what either of these things are than fleece is just basically fleece but it's a blanket big enough to fit your pets cage, and you need 2 layers of it plus a cage liner. (so when their moving around they don't mess up the fleece and get it all crumpled up). and if you don't know what bedding is it's called care fresh and it's a type of bedding made of 100% recycled paper. i guess either of them are good to use? or maybe not? here is the pros and cons of it : 

Fleece vs bedding:

Care fresh:
- it absorbs a lot, it’s 100% recycled paper ; it’s good for the earth, you can use the bedding for a big variety of different animals/pets, and it’s handy to just scoop it out and throw out when your done! (5 pros).
- It gets to be really expensive when you need to start buying it weekly.
- it’s really dusty when i gets in the air.
- it can cause a mess when cleaning the cage or, the animal kicks it up out of their cage when it’s running around all the time!
- and it’s not very cuddly and soft and warm and cozy for them to actually get all heating warm in a couple of minutes. (5 cons).
- it’s nice and cozy for them to sleep in or cuddle up in!,
-it’s way way way more cheaper than bedding,
- it’s less work to clean out the cage ; because you can just take out the fleece hand wash it and let it dry then put it back in the cage!
- it doesn't cause a big mess when you're cleaning out the cage! ; because it doesn't spill all over the place compared to bedding.
- you don’t have to be constantly bringing the compost, or the garbage
can back and forth everyday, just to clean out the cage!
- and, it’s less prone to cause nits because there might be something like a spider in the bedding when packaged or, a spider could crawl in the cage and hide underneath the bedding, so no one can see it! compared to fleece, there won’t be any chance of bugs getting in the cage!( pros)
sometimes rarely, the poops get stuck to the fleece but you can easily pick them off when washing the fleece!
- and you need to potty train your guinea pigs/pets before you use fleece; just so there isn’t as big of a mess all the time to clean up (because you have to wash the fleece more, like daily).(2 cons).

so really if you think about it fleece is better!

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