Thursday 13 February 2014

Traveling with Pets

Hey guys,
today I will be teaching you about how to travel with animals. specifically, small pets.
there are 4different ways that you could use to travel with pets :
  • how to travel with small animals
  • how to travel with birds/parrots
  • how to travel with cats
  • and, how to travel with dogs.
now, today I will mainly be talking about travelling with small pets.
but if you need advice on how to travel with a different type of animal than, please leave a comment
in the comments below!

how to travel with small pets :
ever wondered "gee how am I going to travel with my rabbit or ferret or etc..."
well, here is some instructions right here! on how to travel with small pets!

step 1 : get your carrier ready!
now first before you try to start anything you've got to find a good affordable, good
sturdy, good quality carrier (that will not fall apart or rip)
now I suggest that you get something perhaps made of plastic and some cozy material inside
now, it cannot be cardboard because that will not absorb any droppings or pee, plus it will not be
sturdy enough and too flimsy and, it could easily fall apart.

step 2: get your items needed ready!
get the food dishes, water bottle (s) or whatever you will need for travelling
also, remember that you must have food, a source of water, and something cozy to lye on
and optional, something to chew.

Step 3 : time to Depart! now you only need to get your pet in the carrier and leave!
getting it in the car : it may be tricky to so here are some options of a safe place to put them :

  • put the carrier on someone's lap
  • on one of the seats but with the seat belt on so the carrier does not fall.
  • in the front under Neath one of the places where you put your feet.
  • or somewhere where it will be safe and will not wobble, tip, or fall over.

  • Never, ever, leave your animal in a carrier unattended
  • Carriers should never be used for permanent housing.
  • never, ever, put a hard/solid food dish in the carrier because it may slide and harm your piggy
  • do not put a water bottle in the carrier as it will leak and make the surface wet,
  • and, Never, Ever, travel with a guinea pig if it's not in a travelling cage - holding it on your lap or in a blanket is not acceptable if you're travelling a long distance or even a short distance
Tips :
  • if you have 1 guinea pig the carrier it should be at least : 20(L) x 15 (W) x 12(H) (in inches).but if you have more than one than it should be 1-2 times bigger per each guinea pig 
  • Talk to them; they will love knowing that you're there with them.
  • Make sure that the temperature outside is good before you transport them into something
  • If you are travelling for over an hour/hour-and-a-half, always make sure to check up on them every once in a while to make sure they are ok
  •  make sure they have an unlimited amount of food in the carrier
  • and also, make sure that you stop every once in a while to see if they need water because you don't want them to get dehydrated.


      Thank you for listening!

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