Saturday 22 February 2014

training small pets

Training your guinea pig/small pet

     have you ever been wondering gee how do I train my small pet?
     and than finally you find a video that shows you! but than people are saying that it's not possible?
      well, if you're thinking that it's impossible then it's actually not!?!?! yes! it's true! at home I have
      a guinea pig and her name is Cali! (at the end I will show you a picture of her). but I train her to
      do things/tricks all the time and she co-operates all the time! even if it takes here a while to do it
      she still does it! like for instance, today I just taught here to climb up and down stairs! and she
      does it already! in only 20 minutes she got it! so if my guinea pig that's only 1 year can do it than
      I bet yours can too! here is a video that I trust that shows you how to train it. if you see any un
      positive comments than just ignore them cause none of them are true!                         

      here is a pic of my guinea pig. she is 1 year and a few months old :