Saturday 26 April 2014

this video today is about rabbits (how to hold a rabbit) lot's of people think you can just
pick it up there's no way to hold it well, there is a smart, better, and good way to hold a rabbit.
now let's start off with some ways to NOT hold a rabbit:

  1. you can not hold a rabbit from their ears
  2. you can not pick up a rabbit the kitten way (from their neck) because there is not enough skin there to pick them up with, and, it will make them feel very uncomfortable and in pain.
  3. you can not pick them up by the hand's or leg's (i know everyone knew that)
  4. and any other not stable way that will make them in pain, or uncomfortable.

here are some GOOD ways to pick up a rabbit :

  1. gather their 2 front hands, and put one of your hands underneath their chest, then get your other hand and put it underneath their butt and pick them up!
  2. another way is called the football way first you get one of your elbows and put it down on the surface of your rabbit, then put your other hand beside the other side of your rabbit. then gently push them onto the first hand you put down on the surface that they are on and then gently lift them up close to your chest/stomach!
and that's a couple of good ways but remember that if you are picking them up any other way that you 
make sure that your rabbit is secure when you do it.

now one more thing to mention is that if you are standing up and you have them on your chest and they start to get squirmy and kick their hands and feet just put a bit more pressure on them to try to calm them down and stay in place. and then you could put them down on the floor but the reason why you never put them down on the floor when they are squirmy and trying to run around is because that will actually crack their spine (they are like guinea pigs you can't bend their spine) and then they will get paralyzed from the waist-down and i guarantee you 100% that if you try that on your rabbit they will get paralyzed from it!

so never ever do that!

and that's all for today, Bye!

Sunday 20 April 2014

I'm really sorry i haven't been doing many blog posts lately, but i'll try to catch up on ths blog a bit more! the thing I will be talking to you about today is preparing a first aid (preferably for your guinea pig) and not any other animal it is dangerous to use some of these products on other animals/pets.

so first of all, you will need to gather up the supplies needed for your kit. here are the needed supplies you need to at least have for the kit :

  1. 1 syringe
  2. Critical Care (powdery substance) (you will add water to this and then insert it into your syringe then, you just squeeze it into their mouth and this is only for if they can't eat/refuse to eat foods so you just give them this and then it will help them maintain a balanced diet - Note : this is only for emergencies this is not something to give them whenever you feel like it.
  3. Travel size Vaseline (this is a good moisturizer to use on their skin if it's ever hard, or dry or, their skin is cracking Note : do not use this on wounds or blood spots if you see anything out of the ordinary like that contact your veterinarian right away! this may be a very serious matter.
  4. Travel size wet wipes (this is a good disinfectant to use on their skin if you are going to perform something on it, or, if they ever pee and it gets all over them you can us these to wipe them down just to prevent irritation on their skin)
  5. Disposable gloves- these are great to have around if you ever have to deal with something like a cut, or a sliver, or something lodged in their skin it's always important to wear gloves for things like that Note : do not use any dirty gloves with poo, or dirt on them because that can lead to lot's of irritation or infection on their skin and then it will be even worse then before.
  6. Cat/Dog nail clippers these are important to have (or if you have some human nail clippers they work ok too if you know what you are doing) but I recommend dog or cat nail clippers because they are easier to cut their nails with because you put their nail inside the nail clipper, then you just pull down and then if they were to pull their hand away and you were clipping the same time (with the human nail clippers) and you pull big chunk of their nail out then it would hurt them a lot! so it is safest if you know what you are doing because if this is your first time doing it then I highly suggest you get some help from someone that is much better at this then you.
  7. Anti inflammatory agent/substance this is really important to have incase they get Bumblefoot, or an inflamed spot then you will just apply this to the spot and then the inflammatory should go away in a few moments.
  8. Little tummy's gas relief Drops - now you may be thinking no, no, no, no. those are defiantly not safe for them but, yes they are! they are perfectly harmless and I've heard before guinea pig owners that use them and they are perfectly harmless! all they do is take away that painful gas. because if guinea pig's have too much gassy foods then we will defiantly get gas cramps because they can't fart like we do. so instead they get a big painful cramp in their stomach so if you give them these drops then in only a few mins the camps will go away! so please! include this in your kit they will thank you for it!  

so that's all for today!
thank you for listening to
my advice about first aid
kit's for guinea pigs!

Tuesday 11 March 2014

just to let you know that you should feel free to ask us any questions about animals (not animals in the wild). because I guarantee you 100% that I will  know the answer to any of your questions (about animals) so this post is really just about animals and please comment if you have a good question for me!


Saturday 22 February 2014

training small pets

Training your guinea pig/small pet

     have you ever been wondering gee how do I train my small pet?
     and than finally you find a video that shows you! but than people are saying that it's not possible?
      well, if you're thinking that it's impossible then it's actually not!?!?! yes! it's true! at home I have
      a guinea pig and her name is Cali! (at the end I will show you a picture of her). but I train her to
      do things/tricks all the time and she co-operates all the time! even if it takes here a while to do it
      she still does it! like for instance, today I just taught here to climb up and down stairs! and she
      does it already! in only 20 minutes she got it! so if my guinea pig that's only 1 year can do it than
      I bet yours can too! here is a video that I trust that shows you how to train it. if you see any un
      positive comments than just ignore them cause none of them are true!                         

      here is a pic of my guinea pig. she is 1 year and a few months old :