Chinchillas, Rabbits and Guinea pigs

 here is a quick video on tips for caring
your guinea pig Click here!

hello again!
today i will be teaching you about bathing your guinea pig (s). for those of you who do not know
about bathing your guinea pig. here are a few facts, it is important to give your guinea pig a bath at
least 2-3 times a year. because sometimes they get dirty or they pee and it sticks to their skin.
so you need to give it a bath. in fact if they are sitting on pee for a long time and it's just sitting on their
skin than their skin get get really red, get irritated or, even get infected :( and think about how painful
that would  be for your guinea pig! and another even worse thing that can happen is Bumblefoot
if you don't know what that is it's when their pee sits on their feet too long or if their cage is not being
cleaned either properly or not at all enough it's when their foot swells up and turns red and cracks
open, and starts bleeding! it's super painful for them and their isn't any cure for it yet. you need to go
to your veterinarian right away if this occurs to your small pet or animal. you have to get treatment for it
which is extremely expensive and you don't have a choice i mean you either try to help your pet or let it suffocate for the rest of it's life! something even worse that can happen is this : bumble foot gone wrong.
it's very bad! so if you want to take care of your guinea pig properly and prevent bumble foot then
click here!  thank you so much for listening to what i have to say about bathing guinea pigs!
(i didn't publish that video but i think it's a great way to learn how to bathe a guinea pig).

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