Saturday 26 April 2014

this video today is about rabbits (how to hold a rabbit) lot's of people think you can just
pick it up there's no way to hold it well, there is a smart, better, and good way to hold a rabbit.
now let's start off with some ways to NOT hold a rabbit:

  1. you can not hold a rabbit from their ears
  2. you can not pick up a rabbit the kitten way (from their neck) because there is not enough skin there to pick them up with, and, it will make them feel very uncomfortable and in pain.
  3. you can not pick them up by the hand's or leg's (i know everyone knew that)
  4. and any other not stable way that will make them in pain, or uncomfortable.

here are some GOOD ways to pick up a rabbit :

  1. gather their 2 front hands, and put one of your hands underneath their chest, then get your other hand and put it underneath their butt and pick them up!
  2. another way is called the football way first you get one of your elbows and put it down on the surface of your rabbit, then put your other hand beside the other side of your rabbit. then gently push them onto the first hand you put down on the surface that they are on and then gently lift them up close to your chest/stomach!
and that's a couple of good ways but remember that if you are picking them up any other way that you 
make sure that your rabbit is secure when you do it.

now one more thing to mention is that if you are standing up and you have them on your chest and they start to get squirmy and kick their hands and feet just put a bit more pressure on them to try to calm them down and stay in place. and then you could put them down on the floor but the reason why you never put them down on the floor when they are squirmy and trying to run around is because that will actually crack their spine (they are like guinea pigs you can't bend their spine) and then they will get paralyzed from the waist-down and i guarantee you 100% that if you try that on your rabbit they will get paralyzed from it!

so never ever do that!

and that's all for today, Bye!

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